I hope you enjoy the content I have created and will continue to put on this website. All my life I have faced illness which took an immense toll on me physically and mentally and battled to overcome that. I have had the privilege to work with world class coaches and athletes to do so and learn all I can everyday so I can use that information to help others using my struggles.

You will find I am extremely passionate about two things:

Physical Health: Which I cover through my writing for various magazines and websites, and in my blog.

And Mental Health:  Because the mind decides our limits and is a vital part of a healthy lifes and successful  fitness career. I build on this in the form of my book. Which is backed by 4 Psychiatrists, 2 Psychologists and 1 Neuroscientist who wrote the foreword plus IFBB Pro Bodybuilders/Bikini competitors , Professional Athletes, Actors, World Championship Powerlifters and Olympic Athletes. The book started as my dream to help others, and so far is my biggest achievement in life.

Your Friend in Training and in Health,

Brad Kelly

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