Is the Biggest Guy in Your Gym the Best to Follow?

Countless training hopefuls do it, they look over to see someone big and muscular training and consider  if  by copying their routine  would we get similar results.  Nevertheless this is not how it works and often only leads to training too much, training too little.  emphasizing  the wrong areas, or  even worse a injury.


The first problem with this scenario is forgetting a veterans routine is usually tailored to them  by emphasizing their  strengthens and bringing up their weaknesses. Another problem is you are not their identical twin  so you respond to exercise differently  and likely have different goals.  Maybe they are training primarily for strength now, maybe they are recovering from an  injury or maybe they have just been training 10 years longer then you.  Which brings up a point all in itself, there are a lot of guys out there who train sub optimally for 15 years , build an above average physique then  consider themselves “Gurus”. Sure if you want to learn how to get big in 15 years they might can help , but you want  results this decade, you want optimum training  and nutrition for YOU.


The next thing that knocks out a lot of potential experts is their  potential use of anabolic drugs.  Keep in mind not everyone who uses drugs is 265 ripped.  Drugs do enhance a physique , but they will not make one. Maybe the 210  pound lean guy you want to be  like ( if your say 185 now) has just been training sub optimally with drugs, or worse training poorly for 15 years with drugs?

The point is there are far too many hidden  factors to judge a persons knowledge or routine  by current physique alone . Of course the opposite can be true and you do not want someone with 12 inch arms telling you how to build 19s.  But  this post was just a friendly reminder the biggest guy is not always the best to help YOU. Unless you are the biggest , then you are exactly who you need!

P.S Another thing to remember is just because someone does use drugs  does not mean they can not help you.  It just means like in all other examples you need to look at the persons knowledge not physique.


Your Friend  in Training and Health,

Brad Kelly

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