Creating a book others would enjoy and could use to improve their lives was my dream, and now that dream is a reality.  Here I will feature people who have benefited from my book and let them tell you why they think you can too.  Although this section is new because the book has just been released officially  I will add more of your reviews soon!


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“I have been a practicing psychiatrist for 23 years and the information presented in Brad’s book is something I feel we can all learn from and has the possibility to help a lot of people if they apply it. Another plus for me is that it is largely based on neuroanatomy, scientific fact, clinical studies and if something is a theory, it is clearly labeled such. Brad’s taken a ton of really useful knowledge and compacted it into an easy to read and learn from story. “

-Psychiatrist Dr. Gary Cass


“The most thought provoking afternoon of my life. A must read for anyone from any walk of life “

-Henry Renolds from San Diego, California