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"How I Created Happiness Through 10 Years Of Sickness" By Brad Kelly and Foreworded By Psychiatrist Dr. Gary Cass
  • Professionally Backed: Along my journey creating the book  it has gained the support of 4 Psychiatrists, 2 Psychologists, and 1 Neuroscientist who wrote the foreword..
  •  No Filler, Only Life-Changing Information:  My aim from the first page to the last is to offer knowledge and ideas that can change your life for the better. This keeps it an easy weekend read or  audio listen in a week of car rides. Check out what inspirational fitness icon Gabby Male had to say about the information’s impact here
  • Love it, or Your Money Back: The sole purpose of this book is to help anyone who reads it, if you don’t get at least 3 ways it could improve your life out of it please allow me to refund you.

"Your Personal Scientific Introduction to Your Brain's Happy Place"

-Dr. Vincent Welburs

What The Book Teaches Us

  • Why Our Brain’s Create Stress /Anxiety and How To Best Deal With It: As a society we know how to deal with physical pain  such as a cut hand or broken arm. At an early age we learn first aid, but  what about mental pain?  Learn how to interpret what your brain is really telling you with stress or anxiety and an appropriate science based  course of action to alleviate that stress or anxiety. 
  • How We Can Use Happy Chemicals To Be Happy More:  Our brain’s have many amazing tools to reward us and make us happy like Oxytocin, Dopamine and Serotonin, and by understanding how each works we can  learn new ways to create happiness and better control our moods.
  • How To Control Our Habits: Experts estimate up to 40% of our day is controlled by habits and not conscious decisions. Neuroscience teaches us why and how our habits are formed and how to best take control of them to make sure they are building us a better tomorrow.
  • How Our Brains Forge Our Relationship With Food:  We all have food cravings, favorite foods, and foods we could never eat again. Learn why our brain finds it vital to control our relationship with food subconsciously  and how to use this to your advantage.
  • And Much, Much More:  With every flip of the page you will learn more exciting and applicable ways to  understand and thus take control of your brain and use it to change your life. 

The Book's Creation

    I was lucky enough to suffer from a debilitating disease with no cure since the age of 9. Lucky; because this sickness forged an UNDENIABLE need for me to seek out happiness, a need that caused me to read over 70 books on psychology, self-help, mental strength etc and even study Neuroscience through Harvard University. I spent every day learning to build a stronger and happier mindset and now spend every night dreaming of using what I learned to help others.

    What I learned and inevitably shared made me now lucky enough to hear every day from someone that the information improved or even saved their life. My own struggle forged this book like a diamond is created from millions of pounds of pressure, and that is what I wish to share with you. A book which is now professionally backed by 4 Psychiatrists, 2 Psychologists and 1 Neuroscientist who wrote the foreword. Believed in by Actors, Directors, Olympic Athletes, World Champion Powerlifters/Bodybuilders, and a girl from Georgia who like me faced mental stress and anxiety due to illness and told me it saved her life.

   I personally invite you to immerse yourself in the story within these pages. But it’s not my story, a story about a sick scared little boy who traveled the world to children’s hospitals in hope for a cure, no, it’s a story about the beauty of the human mind and the power we all possess within.

Your Friend In Health,


Brad Kelly

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