These  are a few of the  the bodybuilding  giants that  I mold my training style I use and teach from. Blended with key modern advances it is a hard combination to beat for building proportionate and noticeable  muscle relatively fast . I have read dozens of their  long out of print books, spoken numerous times with the ones still alive and truly believe they represent the  highest form of bodybuilding performed for health and longevity. All of the  men featured in this gallery built their  amazing physiques before the aid of drugs through natural bodybuilding .  Moreover many of them lived( and some trained) well into their 70s  and  8Os. 

Yet many of these men you will have never heard of. Why?  Because their story is not marketable  ,they did not try to sell the masses their  routines because they would simply show you  and  they did not take magic pills or powders.  They trained in a time when it was well known all you needed to build the body of your dreams was a weight set, the right knowledge , and passion.


 Let me take you on a journey through the rich history of bodybuilding ….Click on each picture for additional details and a better view.