Jack Delinger: A True American Hero

Mr. America 1949

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  The next man you should know is none other than Jack Delinger; Born June 22nd 1926 in Oakland California Delinger was one of a kind. He grew up at a healthy pace until in 1937 at the age of 11 he contracted rheumatic fever which took him on a hard ride. But he recovered well and discovered physical training in the form of gymnastics, and strength training at the age of 15. He joined the Oakland YMCA and showed a natural talent for training by cleaning and pressing his bodyweight his first time in a gym.

Delinger only got stronger from there developing into a strength and physique dynamo excelling at feats such as one-hand pull-ups with either hand . At that time gymnastics was as popular as any sport and he made a perfect bottom man supporting his highschool peers with relative ease. Luckily, he was within distance of Ed Yaricks famous gym where such stars as Steve Reeves, Clarence Ross, and Roy Hilligenn trained. He took his training very seriously and won his first big title “Mr. Western America” in 1948 and placed 2nd at the 1948 Mr. America. He was defeated by George Eiferman who was a budding star himself moving to California in 1948.

Nevertheless, by the next contest Delinger had his act together and won the 1949 Mr. America with a score of 73.5 out of 75. He stood 5’6, weighed around 200lbs and with his muscularity and joint size was compared to John Grimek.

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By 1953, he opened a gym of his own in Oakland and retired from professional bodybuilding in after shaking the world by defeating the mighty Bill Pearl for the 1956 Mr Universe Title. The Mr. Universe title was the biggest title in bodybuilding at that time since the Mr. Olympia contest had not been created yet.

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Jack Delinger should forever be remembered as one of the greatest bodybuilders to walk the earth and serve as a hero for generations to come.

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