The Science Behind Muscle Confusion Part One

  When training for overall muscle hypertrophy the words muscle confusion are often brought up insinuating that by doing different exercises for the  same muscle produces different results.


This practice has been used since the dawn of bodybuilding  and sworn by the top guys  for  over half a century. But does it hold any scientific backing?  Is there a easily explainable conclusion? Find out in this 3 part saga ( Today,Wensday and Friday) that will explain why variety IS important.

(Day 1 of 3)
First we will talk about the muscles themselves , how they are actually divided and how this is used by the best bodybuilders to grow .

Look at the chest for example . We can divide it into 3 sections, the upper  and lower because of the Sternal head ( lower ) and Clavicle head( upper and mid). And the 3rd section or the difference between the upper and mid is created by how the fibers in the Clavicle head run differently.

images (1)

You see the fibers within a muscle  contract optimally when they are  aligned  with gravity along the direction of the fiber.

  Therefore the Sternal heads fibers  are best aligned  with gravity when lying supine( or facing upwards)  and the Clavicle fibers are best aligned with gravity when your upper body is inclined. Of course this is assuming your using free weights which exert force in line with gravity( machines or cables can exert force in others ways). This is why scientifically it IS important to train your chest at various angles  as bodybuilders learned in the field over 50 years ago.

Simple right? It’ll get more interesting Wednesday during part 2. .

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