What The Experts Are Saying About Brad...

Dr. Betsy Lane:

National Level Figure Competitor and Trainer

“Every so often, you come across an author who is able to illustrate an image with their words.. Who is able to paint a picture to motivate, educate, inspire and inform audiences, and meet them wherever they’re at in their walks of life. Brad Kelly is an artist! I met Brad along my fitness journey; . I encourage you not only to indulge in his writing, but also to delve into his fascinating past; he has a highly motivational story. Brad is someone whom I highly respect; I learn something new every time I read his articles. Coming from an educational background that places a heavy emphasis on evidence-based practice, I appreciate the way that Brad presents and supports his information and ideas. But don’t just take my word for it; read on and see for yourself.”

IFBB Pro Amit Sapir:

Mr. Olympia Contender and World Record Squat Holder

“Brad’s training methodologies, concepts, and knowledge have always been solid. To me personally, the most valuable thing Brad brings is his own personal journey and experience recovering repeatedly from difficult health issues. He has moved forward through so much while constantly keeping an amazingly positive attitude and has continued to help others through their own paths….this should inspire anyone from our industry to have heart and be unbreakable”

Travis Pollen:

World Record-holding Paralympic Swimmer, Author and Trainer

“Brad Kelly is the man when it comes to both old and new school bodybuilding. Whenever I need a quick fact check on any muscle-building topic, he’s always got me covered. It’s clear from his writing that he’s done a ton of research, textbook as well as out on the gym floor, to acquire his knowledge. (Just look at those arms!) Brad is an inspirational and positive force in the fitness industry and will continue to be for many years to come.”

Daniele Moretti:

Personal Trainer, Fitness Writer and Owner of Moretti Strength

“What sets Brad apart from his peers is his ability to fully comprehend the situation of the people he works with. He understands your struggle. He has lived it. He has crushed it. And he will go above and beyond any and all accepted industry standard to get you to where you want to be whatever your goals may be. He recently helped me refine a training plan I had written to bring up some lagging body parts in preparation for a photo shoot – The results speak for themselves”

Dr. Brad Schoenfeld :

“The Hypertrophy Specialist”, Best Selling Author, and Trainer of Trainers

“I always enjoy reading Brad’s articles and insights. He has a passion for fitness that shines through in his writings.”

Chris Colucci:

Associate Editor, T-Nation.com"

“Brad studies strength training, classic bodybuilding, and physical culture the way an English major studies Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Twain. His knowledge of time-tested old school methods is on par with the enthusiasm he has for helping others improve their strength and health. If he was born 70 years ago, he’s the kind of trainer we’d still be talking about today.