Thank you for choosing my online training program.  Please fill out the below form so I can best help you with your muscle building goals .Pictures may also be attached  for assessment.

Notice : Currently the automated emailing system is down,  please answer the questions below and email them to [email protected]

How long have you been training with weights total?

How long have you been training regularly?

Do you currently use  training logs? If so please attach up to a year.

How many days a week  do you want to  train?

What level do you wish to compete at ? Will you enter contests and judged for symmetry or just want to look good on the beach ?

What equipment does your gym have?( Is it commercial or a home gym)

Do you follow the metric or  imperial  system (Pounds or Kilos)

What  are the smallest increments the weight increases at your gym ?  ie do you have dumbbells such as 27.5 pounds or 1.5 pound plates.

Do you have any noticeably lagging bodyparts?  On a 1-10  how fast do you want to catch  them up?

What does your current training look like? Straight sets, super sets, rest time ect. Please be specific as possible .