Tip of the Day- Proper Hydration for Maximum Results

Proper hydration is one of the most overlooked aspects to fitness. Being just 2% dehydrated has been linked to dropped performance. A better hydrated muscle achieves a better pump, is stronger, bigger, and and most importantly less prone to injury. But how much water is enough for you? In all actuality there is no definitive answer due to our varying lifestyles and weather conditions.  However what we can do is take an educated guess so to speak.

Keep in mind this intake should be spread out throughout the day at key times such as upon waking, around/ during  breakfast, around/ during  lunch,around/ during   dinner, around/ during  your workout  and before bed.  You should also be drinking more water on workout days or   when you perform any physical work. A good place to start could be 72 ounces of water on non training days and 120 ounces on training days.

I also realize there is a lot of you who hate drinking water or at least find it a inconvenience. I used to be this way myself actually. When I was  sick I also had digestive problems  therefore the doctors always told me  ” Drink more water!”, however  just guzzling on a bottle or glass of water never  seemed too pleasing.

It was not until I got more concerned and  in tune  to my health that I began to drink more and more.  Nowadays I carry a bottle almost everywhere I go and would never look back.  As a ending point here are a few bulletin facts  that may clear up why  proper water intake  is so valuable for us on our fitness journey.


– Your muscles and brain are around 75% water

-Blood is 82% water

-Your Lungs are 90% water

– Thirst  is  often misinterpreted  as hunger which can lead to overeating and fat gain.

– Because of the brain being primarily comprised of water even a slight dehydration can cause headaches.

– One of the best times to notice the  results from drinking water is immediately upon waking. Because you can not drink while your sleeping( unless your Aquaman?)  most people will notice an immediate energy boost.


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