Training Optimally Thursday : Tricep Pressdowns

Training Optimally Thursday Introduction

I will be the first one to admit  there are a million ways to perform any one  exercise, but if you watch the pros train a lot of common occurrences arise.  First off  you realize  mind muscle connection is a must,  even as a beginner you should be able to get to a point you can feel your target muscle working and pumping with blood  the first few reps. The key to achieving this state is learning subtle tips to put maximum tension in your target muscle.  That is why I started this series,  because the reader can implement these basic tips your next workout and immediately  FEEL   the difference firsthand.   You  won’t be stuck wondering if its working for weeks, you will know by the first set you found something worthwhile, something that places the  muscles themselves under maximum tension.


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   The Exercise : Tricep Pressdowns

Performed in gyms all around the world this trusty exercise has been used to build some amazing  triceps, but the way many do it the results wont amaze anyone anytime soon. If you  can’t feel your Tricep working the first few reps of the first set on Tricep Pressdowns this post is for you .

  To get maximum tension and thus growth out of your tricep pressdowns   first off stand tall , tighten your abs  and use a complete range of motion ( forearms touching biceps to a  full squeeze at the lockout ). Contract your  bicep at the top of every rep to be sure your tricep is fully lengthened and keep your shoulders depressed and elbows close to the body.

Overhand or underhand  execution is exactly the same. If your triceps are already very well developed you may need to lean into it slightly to get a maximum stretch at the top.   Be sure you feel a great stretch at the top and manipulate body  and cable angles until you do.

The easiest way to learn how to transition your training into this type  of focused effort is to t start with these easy  steps…

Step 1.The first workouts  just focus on standing tall and keeping your elbows close to your body until it’s a habit .

Step 2. The next workouts  focus on getting that full range of motion and squeezing the bicep  fully the stretching the tricep  at the top.

Step 3.  Next be sure your abs stay tightened .

Step 4. Profit for life

While tricep pressdowns optimally target  both the medial and lateral head you will need other exercises to hit all the fibers and most importantly grow the long head. To found out why the  long head is best targeted with other exercises click here, to learn the best exercise to build a massive long head click here.

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