True Motivation Comes From Within

Finding  YOUR  inner reason to never give up in your career, physique or anything else in life will be the most important step you ever take towards success  in that field  . Motivational pictures and songs are temporary, but a deep reason will last through all the inevitable setbacks, low points and naysayers.

External motivational sources  such as   the occasional pat on the back , motivational picture ,or “likes” on Facebook are nice to have when they are there.  However ,when  you are all alone can you motivate yourself  from the inside out?

When Mike Tyson, arguably the most ruthless champion to step foot in the ring seemed almost unbeatable one man went the distance to stop his streak . Not because he listened to a warmup song or saw a picture.

No… Buster Douglas got up that 8th round after being knocked down because 3 weeks prior his mom died of Cancer, his wife was terminally ill and he was likely the only man on the planet who thought he had a chance to win . Buster Douglas found his own inner  reasons that night.


Although he  said he never felt like that again and when he went down in the 3rd round later that same year but was told he would get 24 million win or lose I’m sure he thought ” Just hurry up and count me out!”

Yet the night he beat Mike ” The baddest man on the planet ” Tyson his reason was clear. Find YOUR inner reasons to never give up and your potential is unlimited.

Infact take a moment right now to write them down, and If you are really dedicated ANYTIME you feel like quitting or times are rough, pull out that list and dream on my friend. Just to  give you some ideas here are my personal inner reasons to draw upon when I need motivation.

1. I want to show people that no matter where you start physical wise , you can develop a physique to be proud of.  And every ” I didnt give up becuase of you” I have ever gotten ( 9 so far)  I will never forget and will motivate me until the day I die.

2. I want to inspire others to follow their own dreams and use past ” handicaps” as a blessing.  Although the 7 years I was sick felt like a curse, being able to overcome it was the greatest accomplishment and blessing in my life.

3.  I want to then help the people I inspired as much as possible to reach their own goals. Helping others is what  gets me out of bed in the morning and what I think about when I go to sleep.


4. I do not want to disappoint/ let down  the people that have taken their time to help and  keep me on the right path .  People  such as Rick Wyckoff, Alexander Cortes, Steven Hicks, Jon Goodman, Bret Contreras, Brad Schoenfeld , Lee Hayward , Dan Trink,   John Meadows, Ben Pakulski, Dave Draper, Robby Robinson,  Bill Pearl, Franco Columbu, Ronnie Coleman ..ect  Have taken time out of their day to answer my questions, give me advice etc and I do not want to let any of that time go unappreciated/unused.

5. I believe EVERY  ONE  of us is unique and we all have special gifts/ talents  to offer the world  IF we choose to go the extra distance to present them.


Your Friend , Brad Kelly

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