What Types Of Exercises Should You Be Performing: Beginners

Beginner training to me is all developing correct movement patterns , adding weight to the bar  WITHOUT sacrificing form avoiding injury.  Although you do not need a full understanding of  functional muscular anatomy  to make results in the gym, be sure you are hitting and improving  all of the following movements  regularly for maximum growth and balance. Also remember if you look at someone who is advanced  they may not still be doing some of these exercises but if you really want to add mass all over they are timeless.

-Horizontal Pressing Movements :  Such as Bench press or Dumbbell  Bench Press. Learn more about pressing angles HERE Zabo2

– Horizontal  Rowing  Movements : Such as Dumbell or Barbell Rows,  and Seated RowsGeorge Eiferman row 34322ee

-Vertical Pressing Movements: Such as Barbell  or Dumbbell Shoulder Presses) . Learn if you should be doing behind the neck presses HERE.Leroy Colbert Press3432
– Vertical Pulling Movements : Such as Pullups or Lat Pulldowns.
ed pullups (2)

Hip Extension Movements: Such as Squatting or Deadlifting.  Preferably incorporating both.
Reg Park (2)

Elbow Flexion Movements : Using various curling varieties ( palms up,  hammer,  reverse )  to evenly develop all of the elbow flexors.zabo incline curl32324

• Elbow Extension Movements :  Using overhead extensions , lying extensions and cable pushdowns to develop all 3 heads of the Tricep.. Learn more about developing d the most import aspect of the tricep  through overhead extensions HERE..

jack dedlinger triceps

Ankle  Plantarflexion Movements: Using exercises like Standing and Seated Calf  raises to develop the calves.  Learn why it is important to perform both seated and standing calf raises HERE

 Sure  I could  go more in depth/ weakness focused  to really edge out  personal results.  Nevertheless, if your program regularly targets and develops those movements through the related exercises your whole body will grow big and proportionate.

Oh did  you think I forgot about dips? Nope if you aint dippin you must be trippin, be sure to add this with chest or tricep training . This weeks  Specific Training Wednesday   will feature dips.


Your Friend  in Training and Health,

Brad Kelly

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